Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Net Safety

Like fire, the internet can be dangerous. There are many bad people out there and you have to be cautious not to burn yourself.

Unlike fire though, being unsafe on the net isnt fun (but burning stuff is).

Some Definitions of internet risk to watch out for:

Internet user: using the Internet at least once a month for the past six months at home, school, a library, or some other place.

Sexual solicitations and approaches: Requests to engage in sexual activities or sexual talk or give personal sexual information that were unwanted or, whether wanted or not, made by an adult. Note that this includes solicitation from other minors, so unwanted advances by a 13-year-old on a 14-year-old are included in this.

Aggressive sexual solicitation: Sexual solicitations involving offline contact with the perpetrator through regular mail, by telephone, or in person or attempts or requests for offline contact.

Unwanted exposure to sexual material: Without seeking or expecting sexual material, being exposed to pictures of naked people or people having sex when doing online searches, surfing the web, opening E-mail or instant messages, or opening links in E-mail or instant messages.

Harassment: Threats or other offensive behavior (not sexual solicitation), sent online to the youth or posted online about the youth for others to see.
Not all such incidents were distressing to the youth who experienced them. Distressing incidents were episodes where youth rated themselves as very or extremely upset or afraid as a result of the incident.

now be carefull and stay warm and safe.

Ref: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Youth_Internet_Safety_Survey